Watch how dangerous it is to ride a bike over the Brooklyn Bridge

On an average weekday, about 3,500 cyclists and 10,000 pedestrians cross the Brooklyn Bridge. Considering the pathway has seen an increase of 150 percent in pedestrians and a nearly 13 percent in cyclists since just 2012, it’s getting a bit cramped.

And these numbers don’t even come close to the high traffic that’s seen on the weekends — and they don’t count the hundreds upon hundreds of terrible selfie sticks being used on the path either.

So as you can see in the above video, riding across the Brooklyn Bridge on a bike is practically impossible. There’s even a girl on a Citi Bike who isn’t paying attention and crashes into filmer Nathan Tempey around the 50-second mark. I’ve witnessed this first-hand and it makes absolutely no sense to me — I cannot see how that is enjoyable or safe in any way. Which is why the city’s Department of Transportation announced a $370,000, 7 month study of the bridge to figure out what can be done.

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The 133-year-old bridge is certainly in need of some upgrades with the city’s population above 8.5 million people. But the biggest hurdles are what is feasible from a cost aspect and an engineering aspect.

A rendering of the possible expansion of the promenade of the Brooklyn Bridge. Photo: Courtesy of NYC DOT

A rendering of the possible expansion of the promenade of the Brooklyn Bridge. Photo: Courtesy of NYC DOT

But it’s good to see the start of hopefully some changes coming to one of the most crowded bike paths around. As the city’s transportation commissioner Polly Trottenberg told Gothamist, “We’re seeing a lot of enthusiasm about the idea of making more of the bridge available for cyclists and pedestrians, so I think we’ll have a lot of ideas on the table.”

Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge promenade on a crowded spring weekend day. Photo: Ryan Brower

Head here to read the full document from the Department of Transportation.

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