Watch pro mountain biker Aaron Chase teach his toddler son and nephew to ride trails

Were you riding without training wheels by the time you were three? We certainly weren’t. And even if you were, we doubt you were hitting trails. Bode and Finn are doing just that, but to be fair they do have a dad and uncle (respectively) who just happens to be a pro mountain biker.

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Aaron Chase is at the point in his life where he wants to pass his passions on to his son Bode, who has shed his training wheels at age two. Bode’s cousin Finn tags along as well, and the two tear apart some trails with their modified stances that’s part sitting part standing. Sure, there are some bumps along the way but the two toddlers enjoy every part of it and clearly can’t get enough of it. Sometimes you just can’t keep your kids from pursuing your passions as well.

Bode and Finn on the trails.

Bode and Finn on the trails.

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