Watch the first annual East Coast cargo bike championship

It seems like everyday there is some new trend in the world of cycling. And the latest might just be the oddest, but most eco-friendly yet: Cargo bike races.

A new video uploaded Thursday by Mashable shows cyclists competing in the first ever Annual Open Invitational East Coast Cargo Bike Championship Battle in New York City.

The event, which took place on Dec. 12 under FDR Drive in lower Manhattan, pitted riders against each other head-to-head in 15-minute competitions to see who could transport the most cargo from one end of a 150-meter track to the other.

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“Well cargo bikes have been around forever-ever, since bicycles,” Hodari Depalm, the 2005 Cargo Bike World Champion and hilariously profane emcee of the event, said. “They were doing cargo bike races in Paris back in like 1900.”

The bikes, which look like an odd sort of tandem bike that are missing a seat, can be used as an eco-friendly and safe alternative to the delivery trucks that New York City cyclists abhor, something the participants said they were hoping to promote.

Cargo bike races

Kegs, tires and luggage were all part of the challenge at the first Annual Open Invitational East Coast Cargo Bike Championship Battle.

Cargo bike races

While it would be nice if everyone’s dog fit into a bike basket, cargo bikes are a tad more suitable for those with bigger furry friends.

“Eventually I think it will replace a lot of trucking for a really dense urban environment, because the cargo bikes, don’t take up a lot of space, they don’t pollute, they don’t kill people,” said Austin Horse the 2015 World Messenger Bike Champion.

According to participants, they see cargo bikes as being a healthy alternative that will help create jobs in highly populated cities.

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“Cargo bikes create so many more opportunities for careers because now the jobs that a lot of people think can only be done by trucks can be done by bike,” said YouTube fitness star Kym Nonstop. “And often times you’ll find that your package is gonna get there a lot faster.”

The entry fee for the event was a toy suitable for donation, and the championship purse was $1,000 from Clif Bar. Camille Depalm of Brooklyn and Cordell Murray of Manhattan were the champions.

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