What’s a crew?

Just so we’re on the same page, let’s break down what a crew is. The easy part to remember for The Chosen contest is that a crew consists of 2 to 4 skaters and you all have to be over the age of 18.

Beyond that? It’s pretty wide open.

A crew is your homies/amigos/pals/buddies/bros/whatever-word-you-use-to-refer-to-friends that you skate and kick it with. You take your bulldog skating with you all the time? Then put him in your crew! Just make sure he’s over 18 (Remember 1 dog year=7 human years. So make sure he/she is at least 3 years old. We’ll be checking their ID.) (And if you win you can’t keep your dog’s $10,000! You know how many bones you can buy with 10Gs??).

You and your mate have a mannequin you roll with so that you can use the HOV lane? Put him in your crew! (Hopefully you win and buy him some clothes. Naked mannequins are creepy.)

What we want to know and want you to show us is what makes your crew special. We know you skate together. We know you rip. But every skate crew has a certain unique bond that makes them special and different from the next crew. Show the world that bond while also showcasing your skate talents.

You and your homies go cliff jumping in crazy quarries? Let’s see it.

When it’s raining you skate your friend’s basement and have ridiculous dance parties? Show us.

There’s a hill by your house that you and the bros bomb and race to the bottom of every day before a session? We want to see who is the fastest.

The mannequin can do backside noseblunts? Prove it.

In life charisma and attitude count nearly as much as talent. We want to see all sides of your crew. Film the skating, the hijinx, the fun, and the absurdity.

Let’s see who you are off the board.
Only the footage will make you The Chosen.

Show us what you got.