CA State Parks announces new ‘rolling window’ reservation system for campsites

The California Department of Parks and Recreation (State Parks) is revamping their reservation system in order to provide campers and recreation enthusiasts with a much easier reservation process.

Camping goals. Photo: Christopher Jolly/Unsplash

According to a press release from the California Department of Parks and Recreation, on Aug. 1 the current reservation system will switch from a “block” reservation period (or “on-sale” day, restricted to the first day of every month only) to a “rolling window” allowing visitors to reserve a campsite six months in advance on any given day throughout the month.

For example, on Aug. 14 — under the new program — visitors will be able to book a campsite for Feb. 14, whereas with the current program, campers would have to get those reservations in on Aug. 1, which could be problematic, as everyone scrambles on the same day to book their campsites before they’re all reserved for the month.

This will give campers a much longer window to book the most sought-after campgrounds.

Start planning your next camping trip, folks. Photo: Clarisse Meyer/Unsplash

Bookings may extend from any chosen start date, six months in advance of the booking, and be reserved as many days as the particular campsite will allow or has available. If the campsite you have chosen allows for a six-night stay, you can reserve for all six nights as long as that campsite is available for that entire period.

Can’t beat a view like that. Photo: Jake Sloop/Unsplash

Along with the new reservation system for, the California Department of Parks and Recreation will debut additional changes, including more campsites available for online reservation.

An additional 41 state parks will also be added to the new service. These units will be added incrementally through 2018. Currently, visitors are able to book at 110 parks.

“We’re excited about the new opportunities ReserveCalifornia will provide to California state park visitors,” California State Parks Director Lisa Ann L. Mangat said in a statement. “The new reservation system improves service delivery to our visitors online and in our park units. The public will be able to explore California’s outdoor recreational opportunities in a more modern way via interactive maps and other online tools.”

With all the changes taking place, it looks like it’s going to be an epic year for camping in California.

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