California State Parks offers campsites to victims of wildfires

According to an official release from the California State Parks, the organization will be offering free campsites to victims displaced by the raging wildfires currently ravaging Northern California.

With over 30 people killed and over 400 missing, the wildfires are the deadliest recorded fires to hit the state.

According to the release, both the Sonoma Coast State Park and Salt Point State Park will be open and available to residents affected by Northern California fires.

The release details that although the two parks are not official evacuation sites, they will be open to meet “temporary immediate needs” of residents displaced by the fire.

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The release also goes on to say that the two parks will “not have the full services or aid provided at official evacuations centers. State Parks may only accommodate those who are self-contained. Those needing services which include food, bedding and personal services should locate to a designated evacuation center.”

Here is a full list of available shelters.

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