Camp next to these 6 breathtaking rock formations

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: There’s just something about camping amongst the giants of nature. Feeling small has a way of doing that to you — making you realize your true place in the universe and helping you to navigate life’s sometimes murky waters.

Rock formations are breathtaking in a unique way. Unlike other natural elements that seem semi-permanent, rocks have a deep sense of timelessness imbued within their gargantuan frames. Trees may fall, and water may ebb and flow, but rocks will stand the tests of time.

Here are a few of the most epic rock formations that you can camp beside, all within reach right here in the U.S.

Antelope Canyon, Arizona

For anyone interested in rock formations, Antelope Canyon should top any list. Photo: Justin Roy/Unsplash

Easily one of the most recognizable rock formations in America, Antelope Canyon is a stunning maze of incredible rock — a place where getting lost may ultimately mean finding yourself.

If you’re looking for a campsite nearby with appeal of its own, try Lone Rock Beach. Popular with locals, the small stretch of beach is just 20 minutes away from the town of Page. A campsite is $14 a night, and although there are no showers or water, there are bathrooms.

Skull Rock, Joshua Tree, California

Joshua Tree National Park is bursting at the seams with incredible natural rock formations; there’s a new incredible sight to behold everywhere you look. Skull Rock stands out from the rest, which we consider a true accomplishment given its location.

Just three minutes down the road from Skull Rock is Jumbo Rocks Campground, a popular destination for campers, hikers and nature enthusiasts alike. Although all campsite are first come, first served during the summertime (due to blistering temperatures and smaller crowds), you’ll need to make your reservation in advance of the busy season for the park, which reaches its peak from mid-February to mid-May.

Spider Rock, Arizona

According to Navajo beliefs, Spider Rock’s taller spire is the home of Spider Grandmother. Photo: Ben Esteves/Unsplash

Spider Rock is perfect for those who want to camp right next to their chosen natural wonder. Rising 750 feet in the air, the sandstone spire is located at the intersection of Canyon de Chelly and Monument Canyon.

Spider Rock Campground is located within Canyon de Chelly and is open throughout the year.

Devils Tower National Monument, Wyoming

Alongside Spider Rock, Devils Tower is also considered sacred among the Northern Plains Indians and other tribes. A traditional crack-climbing destination, Devils Tower is comprised of hundreds of cracks that loom above the surrounding area.

According to the National Park Service, the Belle Fourche Campground is the only camping within the park. There are 50 sites, first come, first served.

Goblin Valley, Utah

Often compared to the surface of Mars, Goblin Valley State Park is a region defined by the thousands of hoodoo rocks, similar to mushrooms, that cover the valley floor.

If you’re interested in camping, Goblin Valley Campground is an excellent choice due to its proximity to the rocks. According to Hipcamp, tent, standard and yurt sites are all available; the yurts fill up fast, but if you plan in advance, you should be able to secure a spot.

Arches National Park, Utah

Epic. Amazing. Jaw-dropping. Spectacular. Many words are used to describe Delicate Arch, but none measures up. Photo: Pedro Lastra/Unsplash

No list of epic rock formations would be complete without the world-famous Arches National Park. Including legendary features Delicate Arch, Double Arch, Landscape Arch and more, when mentioning the region, you can’t pick just one.

If you’d like to camp within the park, Devils Garden Campground is the place for you: The campground is only 18 miles from the park’s entrance and 23 miles from Moab.

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