Looking for a new kind of adventure? All Good Expeditions has what you need

If you’re seeking a new travel experience, All Good Expeditions should top your wish list. The GrindTV staff had heard rumors of the trips before, so when we were invited to the brand’s most recent rock climbing journey in Joshua Tree, we didn’t hesitate to join the party.

Cliffhanger Guides got the crew kitted up and ready for the day. Photo: Will Thompson for All Good

Our group arrived in the dry, dusty Joshua Tree desert after four hours on the road, and we got our first glimpse of the lodgings that would be our home for the next few days.

It wasn’t quite what we expected … it was better.

Our group of 10 had all convened at the Balsa Ranch, just outside of the Joshua Tree National Park for what was, for many of us, our first All Good Expedition.

The property featured a mid-century modern home, horseshoes, campfires, friendly faces and cold beers. It was a home-away-from-home.

Balsa Ranch: Home of epic horseshoe matches and shelter for the crew. Photo: Will Thompson for All Good

Over the next three days, we ventured into rocks that seemed to cascade from the earth from an unknown quarry, pushing past the boundaries of sand and sky just for us to explore their craggy recesses. We climbed, hiked and explored all day long.

Getting a little rock climbing instruction from the finest, before we started our ascent. Photo: Will Thompson for All Good

We took part in a sound bath at the Integratron (something that you certainly have to experience for yourself). Then we visited the stone home of George Van Tassel, a man allegedly visited by extraterrestrial beings and creator of the Integratron.

The Integratron allegedly possesses a power that can be life-changing. You’ll have to experience it for yourself. Photo: Will Thompson for All Good

We gathered nightly around the pinprick of light that we called our campfire — there’s nothing like an empty sky and desert to make you realize how small you really are.

The All Good Expeditions are for the young at heart, the adventure seekers, those looking for a challenge, and looking for something different. All you have to do is sign up.

The Joshua Tree gang, after a weekend full of climbing, exploring and pushing limits. Photo: Will Thompson for All Good

“It’s not always the bigger moments that change your life — it’s often the little moments that inspire you and change you. We started the expeditions because our community spoke to us, and we saw it was a need,” one of the founders of the concept, and lead designer for All Good, Hannah Vernasco told GrindTV.

All Good keeps the groups small in an effort to foster communication with other members, with your environment and with yourself.

“These trips are open to anyone who wants to come,” continued Vernasco. “They usually attract a like-minded group of people, although our interests may range across the board. With bigger groups, there’s the potential to be watered down, to split off into cliques, so we keep the number of participants around 10 for each trip.”

For more details about the expeditions, check out the All Good website. Registration for the next adventure is open now.

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