2 hikers visiting the bus from ‘Into the Wild’ rescued in Alaska

Two hikers were rescued on Sunday in Alaska’s Denali National Park after not returning from a hike on Stampede Trail to visit the infamous Into the Wild bus.

According to local news outlet KTUU, Michael Trigg, 25, of South Carolina, and Theodore Aslund, 27, of Atlanta, were rescued around 3 p.m. on Sunday near the Teklanika River.

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The duo were attempting to visit the death site of Chris McCandless. McCandless’s story is detailed in the 1996 book Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer and the 2007 movie by the same title.

The bus in which McCandless found shelter before passing has become a popular destination of backpackers attempting to retrace his moves.

Into the Wild bus on Stampede Trail

The bus on Stampede Trail commonly known as the ‘Into the Wild’ bus. Photo: Jenna Halfacre/Flickr

Trigg and Aslund wrote their anticipated return date of Friday in a Facebook post, telling friends to contact park rangers if they hadn’t returned by then. The pair made it to the bus but realized they were running late and attempted to take a shortcut across the Teklanika River, nearly being swept downstream.

Park rangers found them unharmed and helped them get back to the park road for a return. As the National Park Service said in response, “Each year, multiple people who attempt to visit the bus under-prepared are rescued by professional search and rescue personnel.”

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