3 simple things you can do to make a positive impact on the planet

Much change is affected through small, incremental actions, building up over time like sediment collects on the shore and forms a sandy alcove.

Sometimes the smallest actions have the largest impact, so start small. Photo: Ales Krivec/Unsplash

Oftentimes (as individuals and as groups) change is not pursued because the task of challenging the status quo seems overwhelming, insurmountable. Yet it’s no secret that the idea and ingenuity of one person can make a huge, lasting impact.

If you strive to create a better world but don’t know the steps to navigate your journey, here’s our advice: start small.

Do things that are manageable; this doesn’t necessarily equate to easy, nor does it equate to meaninglessness. Set goals you can reach, and then revise those goals. Continuous observation of what you can achieve will keep you on the progressive path.

Below are a few practices that helped start our journey towards altruism, sustainable action, and making a difference. This is just the tip of the iceberg, so don’t be afraid to implement a variety of small actions into your daily life.

When outdoors, bring a bag for litter

Next time you take a nature walk, keep an eye out for litter along the trail. Photo: Michelle Spencer/Unsplash

Whether you’re taking a walk around your neighborhood, or you’re on a 10-mile hike that takes you into the outer fringes of your society, there will inevitably be litter that comes across your path.

We suggest stuffing a reusable bag in your backpack for stray trash. It’s not going to increase your load by much, and you’ll be making a significant difference to the outdoor places you so enjoy.

Stop using single-use dishware

Staying hydrated is extra refreshing when you know you’re helping out the planet. Photo: Aidan Meyer/Unsplash

The obvious example here are plastic, single-use water bottles. Luckily, we’ve seen the popularity of reusable drinking options skyrocket in the last few years, but plastic water bottles and their wasteful kitchen compatriots are still a massive problem, with millions of pounds of waste being thrown away (read: NOT recycled) every day.

Do your part, and re-use.

Be thoughtful of what you consume

Remember when your parents harped on you to turn the lights off when you left a room? Turns out they were on the right track. Photo: Kari Shea/Unsplash

Whether that’s electricity, food, or other goods, thinking about how much you use of your daily resources and trying to curb that consumption makes a world of a difference.

Seemingly inconsequential actions such as making sure appliances are unplugged when out of use, eating seasonally, and only buying the things you truly need all make a significant impact when everyone does their part. Researching manufacturing processes of companies you buy from keeps you accountable, and sometimes, speaking with your dollars makes the most impact.

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