5 inspiring outdoor photographers you need to follow on Instagram

Most of us can’t venture into the outdoors on a daily basis. We have tricky obstacles getting in our way like jobs, bills and families.

However, we do have awesome little digital escape portals in our pockets that can virtually transport us to far off places, even when duty keeps us in the city or suburbs.

There are a number of amazing outdoor photographers who have dedicated their lives to living on the trail and deep in the woods. They suffer for their art, often facing airplanes with little to no legroom, adverse weather and sleepless nights just to capture the beauty that surrounds them.

As avid believers in outdoor daydreaming we have selected five our favorite outdoor photographers, and while they sometimes stop us from hitting deadlines and paying attention at dinner parties, their work is undeniably beautiful.

1. Tim Kemple

A photo posted by Tim Kemple (@timkemple) on

Camp 4 Collective director and photographer Tim Kemple is a serious adventurer and his feed is outdoor gold.

From rock climbing in Utah to shooting the glorious peaks of the Himalayas, Kemple has done it all. Tim also offers tech tip to aspiring photographers and cinematographers, so any that hopes to shoot epic photos in the wild will enjoy his feed.

2. Andy Best

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If there is one photographer who will make you want to quit your job and live on the road it's Andy Best. The man lives his craft, as he stays nomadic sleeping him under the stars and soaking up the great outdoors. Andy is well known as one of the most exciting adventure photographers on Instagram, and his feed is daydream worthy.

3. Erik McRitchie

A photo posted by Erik McRitchie (@erikmcr) on

Calgary based photographer Erik McRitchie has innate ability to capture stunning moments in the Canadian backcountry. His awe inspiring photos will have any nature lover dreaming of craggy peaks and wild adventures. His feed is a wonderfully curated collection of outdoor photos.

4. Meg Haywood Sullivan

Meg is a San Francisco based photographer who has dedicated her life to pursuing wild adventure. Her talent as an outdoor photographer, but she is also a steward of the environment and stylish to boot. Meg makes the woods look damn good, and surely inspiring young women around the world to stay wild.

5. Corey Rich

If you're an adventure athlete, or enjoy watching the world's best climbers put it all on the line, then following Corey is a no brainer. His images are more than just landscapes as he catches fear defying feats from today's top adventures. Even if you never plan on climbing a multipitch splitter, it doesn't mean you can enjoy watching other people put it down.

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