5 outdoor podcasts to make transit time so much better

The holidays are coming, which often means a ton of time in planes, trains or automobiles. Or traffic and TSA lines, depending on how you look it.

But don’t fret. All that transit time is prime for absorbing interesting information via your ear holes.

Before you go full Griswolds, here are some of the best outdoor-oriented podcasts, and a few choice episodes to get you started.


Podcasts make any drive that much better. Photo: Courtesy of Jonathan Pie/Unsplash

Podcasts make any drive that much better. Photo: Courtesy of Jonathan Pie/Unsplash

“Time to talk shit” is the tag line for “Sponsored” (part of POWDER Radio) and it’s apt.

Mike Powell, who has been a ski-industry fixture for decades, has the ability to get athletes to open up and talk about things beyond the glossiness of being a pro and getting rad.

Listen to the Wayne Wong episode, where they talk about hot-dogging in the ’70s and the origins of the wet T-shirt contest.

Out There

Listen in transit. Photo: Sofia Saroz

Listen in transit. Photo: Courtesy of Sofia Saroz

“Out There” was launched in 2015 after host Willow Belden quit her job at Wyoming Public Radio and thru-hiked the Colorado Trail. That was the motivation behind the podcast, where Belden explores why we get outside, how it changes us and why it’s important.

Listen to “High on Failure,” where Jordan Wirfs-Brock tries to understand her fascination with ultra-running and how failing at the hardest thing she’d ever done actually made her tougher.

Dirtbag Diaries

“Dirtbag Diaries,” and basically everything that comes out of the Duct Tape Then Beer brain cave, hits the very happy medium between adventure narratives and deep-gut stories about real people figuring shit out.

It was one of the first outdoor podcasts and it’s still one of the best.

Listen to “Calling Home,” where David Hanson travels to national parks with his dad to get to a place where they can see eye to eye.

Particularly good if you’re heading home for the holidays.

Nausicaa Cast

No radio zones. Photo: Oliur Rahman

No-radio zones. Photo: Courtesy of Oliur Rahman

Sometimes it takes one to know one, and pro skier Hadley Hammer, who has plenty of her own personal experience, picks the brains of other female athletes and gets into the hard backstories of what it takes to be a woman in the action sports world.

Listen to Episode 10, with Amie Engerbretson, where she gets into avalanche risk, advocating for yourself professionally and the model/athlete divide that plagues so many female pros.


Climbing dork? Your people live in the Enormocast, where Chris Kalous goes long with athletes about their life stories, their experiences and all kinds of other stuff.

It goes long and weird sometimes, as it should.

Listen to perpetual joker Cedar Wright flip on his serious side and get into some real talk about what (and who) inspires him in climbing.

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