Photo courtesy of Surfkini

Photo courtesy of Surfkini

SURFKINI was born out of a need for women to feel confident in the surf. For chicks that surf – the bikini's that stay on when it's going off. Founded by the ambitious and self-professed surf-a-holic, Alana Martinero, based in the creative hub of Byron Bay, Australia.

The Surfkini designer channeled her frustration from buying bikinis that didn't stand up to the challenge of the ocean, into a creative drive to design ones that stayed on, felt comfortable and also looked aesthetically pleasing. The idea was born, the designs were drawn and the rest was perseverance, help from her support network, and a bit of luck.

Alana sources high quality 190gsm Lycra and woven elastic that makes Surfkini different to the rest. It is the superior swimwear range for the active water girl. Unique technical design features make sure they are practical, don't compromise comfort and also sexy – you will want to wear them all day.

The Surfkini is revolutionary in girls' surfing. No neck ties in any of the top styles (think cross back styles); offering a few different pants cuts depending on your mood/bum-flashing-confidence levels. Every pair of bottoms has a hidden internal drawstring – a necessity when surfing waves with punch.

Surfkini's are vigorously tested by Alana and fellow surfers by duck-diving, pulling in and out of big waves, getting dunked and surfing until the perfect designs have been created.
Collect the entire swimwear range, 5 tops, 5 bottoms and a one piece in Purple, Teal, Fuschia Lillies, Old Navy or Black. This season brings a design to market that is in high demand and will get a massive response from the public, the D Cup. Straps that can be worn 3 ways using an inventive strap system, an adjustable chest band and a moulded underwire D cup that has a mesh separator so it doesn't sit on the ribs. Each style has been carefully thought of and designed specifically for the active water woman.

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