A roundup of cringeworthy action sports advertisements

Last month, the United Kingdom’s Department for Transport released a new advertisement for its Think! campaign, which encourages cyclists to exercise caution on the roads, and to avoid getting caught on the left side of a truck when it’s about to make a left turn:

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Critics quickly began noting on social media that the truck shown in the ad actually illegally overtakes the cyclist before taking the left turn that causes the crash, and many accused the Department for Transport of victim blaming:

This isn’t the first time an advertising campaign has tried to integrate outdoor sports into its messaging with disastrous results. Here are some other memorable instances.

The Australian Toyota ad that implied women weren’t capable skiers

A recent advertisement posted by Toyota at the Thredbo ski resort in Australia tried to spread the message that the Toyota Kluger SUV is a great vehicle for transporting a whole family of skiers and snowboarders.

They did this by equating each member of the family — the father, mother and children — with a trail rating (green circle, blue square, black diamond).

Many took issue with the fact that they equated mothers with a trail rating less difficult than fathers, and called out Toyota to let them know that women ski just as hard as men. Toyota quickly removed the ad.

Coors Light encourages people to venture into the backcountry without any safety equipment

While backcountry skiing is an amazing sport, it carries with it a very real danger, particularly if its participants aren’t equipped with proper safety equipment.

Somehow, this information seemingly escaped Coors.

In March, Coors posted an ad as part of their #BraveTheCold campaign for Coors Light showing a trio of skiers dropping into an out of bounds area. The narrator of the ad asks the viewer, "Will you brave going out of bounds?"

None of the three skiers were equipped with any avalanche rescue equipment.

Multiple bodies within the skiing community, including the British Columbia Search and Rescue Association condemned the ad, and it was quickly removed.

Nissan designs a car that’s maybe a skateboard or something?

Have you ever been driving past a car dealership and thought to yourself, “I wonder if I can heel flip that SUV?”

No? Well than you apparently aren’t the demographic that Nissan was aiming for with their 2007 ad campaign for the Nissan Qashqai.

The advertisement for the crossover SUV shows the feet of some unidentified giant using the vehicle as a skateboard, wall riding and kickflipping.

It fails to make mention of any of the car’s actual features, so if you were trying to discern if the SUV had, say, four-wheel drive capabilities, tough luck.

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