A tour of Tantris Center for Yogic Science: Bringing yoga to the masses

When you think of the yoga studio of your dreams, what do you picture? Is it a spa-like atmosphere, or one of laser-focused concentration on the scientific elements of the practice?

The outside of the yoga studio, a peaceful retreat hidden amongst the action of Sunset Blvd. Photo: Tantris

If you’re looking for either, or something in the middle, you’ll certainly find it at the Tantris Center for Yogic Science.

When Russell Simmons founded the yoga studio, he had one goal in mind: to bring the devotional aspect into hot yoga, and make it available to the general public.

He wanted to bring stretching for the masses, and inner peace for all.

But Simmons’ ultimate goal was to use his influence to bring the spiritual aspect of yoga, or the asna, to the masses.

“Everyone should have access to the healing powers of yoga. If we bring a little bit of yoga to the asna, it will change the vibration of the world,” Simmons told GrindTV.

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In pursuing that, Tantris was born. The flagship studio opened in West Hollywood in November 2016, and offers innovative heated classes as well as non-heated options.

The Wellness Center within Tantris features fresh coffee, juices and snacks that guests can pick up before and after class. Photo: Tantris

We took a tour to find out more about what makes this studio unique.

During our tour, we found out there are four main aspects to the studio, apart from the teachings. Yoga, beauty, retail and wellness are all wrapped together in a wonderful package.

If you’re looking for a blowout after spiritual enlightenment, followed by a light meal, then stop by the West Hollywood-based studio for a bit of everything.

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Not only is Tantris focused on the outer elements of yoga, its employees and Simmons are also deeply rooted in the sciences that guide and shape the practice of yoga.

Each of Tantris’ rooms can comfortably fit 40 students; when the wall between them is removed, larger classes of 80 can be accommodated. Photo: Tantris

Meditation is an integral part of each class, and the in-house library features multiple texts that highlight the history and benefits of yoga.

Teachers are encouraged (not required) to practice veganism, and each month is guided by a different tenant of the practice, with daily lessons that break the practice down even further.

The Tantris lounge finds the sweet spot between relaxation and mindfulness. Photo: Tantris

So, what will you discover at Tantris?

Maybe it’ll be inner peace. Maybe it’ll be the idea that the spiritual nature of yoga can coexist with the elaborate circus that is Los Angeles.

You’ll just have to visit to find out for yourself.