An antidote to Black Friday shopping?

The new short film "Worn Wear" encourages shoppers to repair quality gear rather than rush out and buy something new this Black Friday. Photo courtesy of Patagonia.

The new short film “Worn Wear” encourages shoppers to repair quality gear rather than rush out and buy something new this Black Friday. Photo courtesy of Patagonia

Black Friday is fast approaching, but a new film by Patagonia Surf Ambassadors Keith, Lauren, and Dan Malloy is challenging shoppers to take a new approach to the shopping holiday. The film, "Worn Wear: The Stories We Wear," follows eight loyal Patagonia customers wearing their repaired, old, and well-loved gear. It suggests that instead of rushing out to buy a new jacket or coat this holiday season, consider repairing the one you’ve had for years.

Christo Grayling is an older surfer featured in the short film. Originally from Australia, Grayling spends most of his time surfing in Mexico. Up until recently, he'd been wearing a pair of blue Patagonia boardshorts that he’d bought second-hand more than 15 years ago. Instead of simply throwing them out, Grayling sent them to Patagonia with a note that expressed his love for the shorts, explained the bad patch jobs he'd sewn into them over the years, and the multitude of places he'd surfed in them. "I thought Patagonia deserved to have them back," he laughs in the film. "These board shorts had a life. So, it was really hard to let them go. When I think about how many user days—it was well in excess of 1,200 user days—so these probably cost me a penny a use. I'm OK with spending that kind of money."

Black Friday

These blue boardshorts were finally retired by their owner after more than 15 years of use. Photo courtesy of Patagonia

Grayling's story is just one of the stories featured in the 27-minute film, and in an age where Americans are constantly told that buying more is better, the “Worn Well” message is refreshing. The movie reminds us all to use and love those great pieces we already have.

In conjunction with the film’s online release, Patagonia will be hosting Black Friday events at 15 of its stores. Along with screening the new film, Patagonia representatives will be on hand at each event to teach customers how to best fix and sew repairs into their own gear. Attendees are encouraged to bring in a Patagonia item in need of repair. To see the film in its entirety and check out the full event info, click here, and watch the trailer for the movie below.

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