Appreciate the little things with Surfkini designer Alana Martinero

All photos courtesy of Alana.

All photos courtesy of Alana

If Byron Bay, Australia, is a factory rolling out some of the world's best surfers, consider cool swimwear brands the by-products. Case in point: it's home to Alana Martinero, the designer behind Surfkini, a line of high-quality lycra bikinis made strictly for "chicks for surf." These suits are the real deal—no ties around the neck, no sliding strings, no baggy butts, only silky-soft, stay-put styles (which are essential when the waves are pumping and trying to drag bikini tops off)—and so is the woman behind them. Martinero is a dedicated surfer and life-lover providing us with a kick in the pants we needed to appreciate the little things this week. Get to know her now:

My name is Alana and I live in the most beautiful place in the world—well one of them —Byron Bay, Australia. I'm originally from all over the place; I've lived in New Zealand and Spain to name a few spots. I grew up wanting to travel and explore, meet awesome people, learn new things, and have fun.

When I'm not working, I love hanging out with my boyfriend, my mates, and my dog, Slash, and by hanging out, I mean surfing, walking the beach, finding new awesome spots I haven't been before, and literally laughing ’til I cry.

I admire people who love waking up in the morning and finding a challenge wherever they are and whatever they're doing.

When I have the weekend off from working, I usually spend it making awesome memories. I try to learn something new whenever I can so I'm a sucker for docos [documentaries] too!

My favorite place to spend time outdoors is the beach, because the sun, sand, waves, salt water, birds, and sea life are all just way too amazing. Once upon a time, though, I preferred the cool mountain air, changing leaves of seasons, falling snow, and big steep cliffs—go figure!

Some Surfkinis in action. Photo by Mick Curley

Some Surfkinis in action; photo by Mick Curley

My favorite outdoor activity is surfing! It doesn't matter if I get one wave or 50, I always feel energized, soulful, and so much happier after surfing. I never surf without my Surfkini—I have the pick of the range so it makes it pretty hard to decide which one to wear sometimes. First-world problems!

The most amazing place I've ever traveled is very hard to pinpoint, so many amazing places, all giving unique experiences. Austria for the snow and chili tequila, Palma for the film work and friends I still have today, the Caribbean for the sailing and the party, Italy for Rome and Venice, but I must say I still think New Zealand is one of the most incredible countries I've ever been.

The luxury items I always have with me is sunscreen and waterproof mascara—I'm such a girl. My most prized possession is my laugh, without that I couldn't enjoy the world.

I never travel anywhere without my trusty laptop—you can get high-speed Internet pretty much anywhere, so I like to extend my holiday into a "working holiday."

One thing I'd love to learn how to do is knit or crochet because I guess one day I'll have to slow down a bit, so I may as well do something creative and useful.  Place your orders now for crochet socks!


The most challenging outdoor activity I've tried is ice climbing. Three points of contact at all times—sketchy!

My weekly workout schedule looks something like this: I am super active; I run eight kilometers three or four times a week. There is a beautiful walk up to the lighthouse that gets smashed out a few times as well. On the days there is no surf we walk Slash on the beach, and I usually ride to work too. I hate the gym!

The next item I have a chance of crossing off my bucket list is Machu Picchu.

My favorite piece of advice for living a healthy lifestyle is to think healthy. The words of wisdom I live by are "every day, in every way, you're getting better and better and better," said by my Dad in an Italian accent.

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