Architect dreams up ocean city made of trash


There are no current plans to actually build the “ocean-scraper,” but the concept is truly unique. Photo: Courtesy of Vincent Callebaut

Belgian Eco-Utopian Architect Vincent Callebaut has big plans for what he calls the seventh continent, the giant trash gyre floating atop the ocean and made up of plastic.

He wants to build Aequorea, a floating, domed city 3-D printed from plastic waste, currently floating in the ocean on the coast of Brazil.

It’s just a concept drawing now, but his idea is innovative and he’s won awards in the past for his eco-friendly ideas.

According to Callebaut, the structure’s design would be impervious to ocean currents and motions because of the geometry of the structure.


This concept drawing shows what an underwater loft would look like. Photo: Courtesy of Vincent Callebaut

Algae, plankton and mollusks could all be farmed underwater to be used by the 20,000 residents.

One of the giant domes could grow fruits and vegetables.

Water turbines below would create energy to be used in the floating city.

It would be an “ocean-scraper” reaching 250-floors high.

The city is named after the bioluminescent jelly fish, the aequorea victoria.

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