Artist turns dirty car windows into works of art

It's a dirty world. Photo: Scott Wade

Scott Wade turns dirty cars into masterpieces. Photo: Scott Wade

As adventurers and friends of adventures, we’re all too familiar with dirty cars, caked with dirt, from that off-road journey last weekend or maybe even two weekends ago. And you know you've done it a time or two: Scrawled, "wash me" (or worse) across the back of a dusty, road-worn vehicle, whose rear window is covered in an almost opaque layer of dirt.

Well, Texas-based artist Scott Wade took writing on dirty windows to a whole new level.

Wade loved to draw from an early age. His dad was an amateur cartoonist, after all, and Wade soon developed his own style of cartooning. Upon graduating with a BFA in Commercial Art, he spent the next decade illustrating, designing and generally exploring his creativity.

Living along a dusty road, the artist took notice of the cars traveling by, caked with dirt and grime.

Inspiration struck.

Using a discarded Popsicle stick, Wade began doodling on the rear window of a particularly dusty vehicle — the hook was set and Dirty Car Art was born.

Today you’ll find Wade making appearances at fairs, festivals and corporate events — like the 2014 LA Auto Show — proving yet again that one man’s trash is another’s treasure.

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