BASE jumper leaps from moving van atop bridge

Videos of BASE jumping are a dime a dozen on the Internet these days, but we must say that the latest one produced by Sam Hardy takes on an element we haven't seen before. Hardy jumped from a 460-foot bridge. Nothing unusual about that, right? But the platform he took off from was a van traveling along the edge of the bridge going 25 mph. Watch, but don’t even think of trying it:

The van is traveling along the A75 Motorway in France and goes over the Viaduc de Verrieres, one of the tallest viaducts—aka overpasses—in the country.

"A little project I wanted to do came to life today," Hardy wrote on his original one-angle YouTube post. "Thanks to the guys who helped with transport, cameras, and logistics. It was harder than I thought standing on top of a moving van at 25 mph and having to clear a 7-foot gap before pulling my parachute."

But he managed to pull it off, thankfully.

Viaduc de Verrieres wikimedia commons

Viaduc de Verrieres, France. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons