Behind the Brand: Rook

Six years ago Jonathan Garcia and Joe King came together to create the skate/surf/streetwear brand Rook. Two very talented young designers who grew up together and formed a bond through graphic design and illustration.

Their main goal for Rook was to focus on inspirational, high quality art and design. If you haven’t heard of Rook you most likely have still worn their designs by their past artistic endeavors with the likes of KR3W, Crooks N Castles, OBEY and Upper Playground.

In a nutshell the mission statement for Rook is to “provide an opportunity to bring the artists out from behind the scenes. It is a celebration of talent, ambition, and quality design.It was created to not only recognize talented designers, but to also inspire other artists to continue to push the limits of design and their own conceptions of what is possible.”

Check out the video below of Joe King, where he gives a glimpse inside the inspiration and the concept behind the brand, Rook.

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