Behind the scenes at ‘The Break’

Located in a corner booth and apart from the frenzy of exhibitors, buyers, and industry mayhem is “The Break,” a makeshift set filled with cameras and interview chairs. It's on the floor of the action sports and streetwear tradeshow Agenda, and it's been created through a partnership with Agenda and action sports media group Grind Media.

Agenda/GrindMedia:The Break

Agenda/Grind Media: The Break

The goal of "The Break" is to establish a place where brand stories and new product introductions can be filmed in real time, for the consumption of a new audience—the general public. It’s where 20 interviews are being staged for release in early August, and where GrindTV host Leila Thomas gets personal, one-on-one time with the likes of Bob Hurley of Hurley, Pete Fox of Fox Racing, Richard "Wooly" Woolcott of Volcom, Greg "GT" Tomlinson of Von Zipper, and Kevin Bailey of Vans.

Host Leila Thomas interviews Justin Heit of RAIN

Host Leila Thomas interviews Justin Heit of RAEN

“There is a special kind of genius and stoke that this group of outliers emits that the general public doesn't have access to. 'The Break' is our way of providing a glimpse into what makes these brand innovators tick and these brand stories come to life—it’s our way of being transparent. Our industry has deep roots but it’s still growing and innovating in unique ways. The beauty of our world is the rivalry, the stoke, and the shared end-game of doing what we love,” said Mike Carter, vice president of sales and marketing at Agenda.

Stay tuned.