bHappy Films’ “Happy Days” teaser

The 2010-11 snow season ended up being one damn sweet winter. With initial warm and wet weather, all snowboarders alike were a little bit on edge over how the rest of the year would shape up to be.

It shaped up alright, with snow storms blanketing resorts and mountain all over the world allowing for prime time footage and seriously good times.

The bHappy film crew obviously took advantage of Mother Nature and got working on their third and latest film project appropriately titled, “Happy Days”. This teaser is crammed with deep turns, street shenanigans, and a group of riders that go all out in order to have awesome times and happy days. Full length film is set to drop this July.

Filmed and Edited by – Paul Heran, Bryce Hymans, Max Tokunaga, Sammy Spiteri.

Additional Filmers – Ryan Scardigli, Jon Stark, Sean Lucey

Riders – Sammy Spiteri, Brent Oftedal, Curtis Woodman, Ben Strause, Durell Williams, Shane Wright, Colton Morgan, Dylan Thompson, Max Tokunaga, Nick Visconti, Joshua Parker, and friends.

Feast your eyes on the teaser below:

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