Brian Bielmann’s 5 best photos of 2014

Brian Bielmann

A rare empty Pipeline “shoot through” as captured by Brian Bielmann.

Brian Bielmann is a legend in the field of surf and underwater photography. With over 35 years of experience behind the lens, Bielmann has seen and captured everything from the heaviest wave ever surfed at Teahupoo to Bob Marley live in Hawaii to Andy Irons proposing to his girlfriend.

Brian Bielmann

Brian Bielmann at work

In the video below, we visited Brian in his home studio (and music-filled man-cave) on the North Shore of Oahu and asked him to pick his five favorite photos from 2014, and give us the stories behind the shots.

Brian's images have been seen on more than 150 magazine covers, on the pages of 30 books, and in dozens of spreads in iconic magazines including Rolling Stone, Men’s Journal, National Geographic, and Sports Illustrated, and, of course, as mainstays on the pages of TransWorld Surf during its 14 years of existence.

Kelly Slater

A shot of Kelly Slater from the Volcom Pipe Pro rounds out Bielmann’s list of favorite photos from 2014. Want to see the rest? Watch the video!

More of Brian's work can be found (and purchased) at

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