Throwback Thursday: Bruce Irons on fire

bruce irons on fire

Bruce Irons lighting up the surf; photo courtesy of Brent Bielmann

Surfing usually doesn't run you the risk of catching on fire, but for Bruce Irons, that was definitely the case back in 2011.

During the Red Bull Minor Threat surf trip to Indonesia, Irons and a team of pyrotechnicians strapped a flare to his surfboard as he paddled out at dawn.

"I was actually kind of not feeling it," Irons recounts in the short video. "Just 'cause it was kinda … flarey?"

But the team nailed the first shot of the day (it ended up as the cover of Aussie surf magazine Stab) and even returned to try the trick again that night. Watch the short clip now:

For more on this stunt, catch up on an old “How I Got the Shot.”

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