Burton Winter Storm Warning Teaser: “It’s Happened Before”

We had a feeling that Burton had more up their sleeve. Not that the first teaser for “Standing Sideways” wasn’t sweet in it’s own right but what can we say? We wanted a little bit more of a preview. To put it lightly, they delivered.

Under the title “Winter Storm Warning — It’s Happened Before”, Burton has just released five and a half minutes of pure snow porn. The classy kind, not the kind that makes you feel uncomfortable. Danny Davis and Jack Mitrani pull their usual antics in the beginning and we’ll never complain about that.

Hammers, bails, pow days, park booters, massive hits, street rails…it’s all there, and then some. Everyone has shown up in this trailer and got us running laps around our living room in anticipation for winter. I wouldn’t be completely lying if I said I am wearing my outerwear right now.

Share the stoke with this trailer ’cause this team isn’t holding anything back.