CAPiTA drops full teaser for “Defender of Awesome”

After a four year hiatus from releasing a team video, CAPiTA has gotten back into the game. “Defenders of Awesome” is their upcoming shred film and holy snowballs it looks to be a winner. They just dropped their official teaser and the raw talent of their team is taking over.

The video title alone got it points in my book, but after witnessing the caliber of riding that makes up this movie — there’s no going back, it will most likely change your life. If not only by making you pee your pants with joy.

Down and dirty in the streets alongside big and banging in the backcountry is all I can say.

Featuring Scott Stevens, Laura Hadar, Jess Kimura, Brandon Cocard, Cale Zima, TJ Schneider, Dustin Craven, Dan Brisse, Phil Jacques, and more. I’d say that’s plenty of awesome to defend.

If you know what’s good for you:
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