Carter Country: Ten Sleep, Wyoming

Well, it’s official. We’ve just found the epitome of a man’s man. And then some. No, it’s not Chuck Norris or The Most Interesting Man in the World…although, he seems to be of the same breed as those two. This man‘s man is all-around bad ass, pro snowboarder, extreme rancher, and complete outdoorsmen Mark Carter. Born and bred in the miniscule town of Ten Sleep, Wyoming and star of the new film, “Carter Country”, Carter schools us in the ways of living off the land and ripping it apart on a snowboard.

It’s not surprising that this kind of man hails from Wyoming. This state practically bleeds men that charge in every aspect of their life, however, Mark Carter steps it up to a completely different level in the sizzle reel for “Carter Country”. Pro snowboarder by winter and insane rancher during every other season — Mark has grown up knowing nothing but this kind of life. Throw in some massive rope swings, roasting pigs for dinner, herding cattle, riding horses, and shooting rifles every chance he gets and you’ve got yourself the outright definition of a man’s man.

Don’t let the raw and wild ranching lifestyle take you away from Carter’s snowboarding skills either. He comes across as fearless, sends it in the backcountry and does it with style – reminding us of a guy we like to call Travis Rice. C’mon, watch the video. Does his voice not sound somewhat identical to the one and only T. Rice? Most recently showing off his shredding abilities in Standard Films’ epic “TB20”, Mark Carter is no stranger to big mountain snowboarding and riding alongside top talents.

“Carter Country” showcases the life of a guy that attacks everything in his path with vigor and a good attitude. It also makes him a tad more awesome because he’s from Wyoming and is involved in some crazy situations. Long story short, this will make anyone watching need to double check their ball situation because if you thought you were a bad-ass before…you won’t after this.

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