COMUNE’s spring/summer 2012 women’s collection preview

Ready to start thinking about the dreaded 2012? More so, are you ready to start planning on what you’re going to be wearing in the spring of 2012? That is, if the world does not indeed, end.

COMUNE, newly moved to Los Angeles, has given us a small glimpse into their future women’s spring/summer collection. Sleek and simple, this line looks damn fresh and demonstrates what the brand is all about.

Lots of draped button ups and tanks, dark colors, and trousers — if you choose to don any of these pieces, you’re headed in the right direction.

Preview video below. COMUNE has also put out a video hyping their latest snowboard video, “Psychic Secrets of the Russians and the Shape of Content 1983”. See how it affects you below.

COMUNE’s words:
COMUNE Women’s SS12 look book was shot at our new downtown LA office and surrounding properties. One of the most inspirational locations was an old brick warehouse which was used previously as part of the downtown railroad system. The large open space, tattered steel beams, and old windows filled the large industrial space with a warm light creating the perfect ambiance to shoot our line.

Later that day we drove down the steep embankment into the LA river and explored at ground level. After five minutes of shooting we were rolled by an overzealous county Sheriff asking us for proper permits. Luckily Teela, our model chatted him up and persuaded him to allow us continue. We wrapped there, rallied up the steep concrete bank, through a creepy tunnel, and then celebrated with lunch.

The COMUNE 2012 Spring and Summer Women’s collection is a focused line that blends the aesthetic from our Men’s base and feminizes it into a wearable modern offering. Gleaning many of the same details from our Men’s line, COMUNE Women’s represents a new stage in our development and spot lights us as a young contemporary brand. Chiffon blouses, loose cuffed trousers, draping tanks and light weight trenches are a few of the key pieces that are highlighted for the 2012 Spring and Summer line. Mirroring the mens color story, the dark muted tones bring out the graceful colors that are natural to the COMUNE spirit.

Our in house multi media designer Jordan Minardi filmed and edited the video. We’re also very proud that he composed the musical score himself, playing and recording all the instruments. Enjoy!

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COMUNE PSOTRATSOC1983 // Trailer from COMUÐE on Vimeo.