Could this chainless bike be the ‘iPhone of cycling’?

If you’re tired of greasy, pants-chomping bike chains, you’re in for a treat. Korean auto parts maker Mando has created a chain-free folding electric bicycle that some are calling the “iPhone of cycling.”

Dubbed Footloose, the e-bike employs a system that turns pedal power into electricity and riders into human generators. The electricity generated is stored in a lithium-ion battery that powers a motor. Fully charged, the battery can power the motor for 18.6 miles. Of course, that’s just how far you can go with your feet up–pedaling charges the battery, extending the range.

But what about hills? This is where things get all iPhone-esque. An automatic gear changer monitors the terrain, adjusting the motor as needed, and watches the entire system for any problems. How will it tell you if there are any problems? Via the handlebar-mounted removable display. And that same display will also show you your speed, distance, and electricity generated, in real time.

With no chain, and all the technology integrated into the bike’s frame, Footloose’s 46 lbs folds nicely to unicycle size for easy stowing. It’s not available just yet, but if you’re in Europe next year you may be able to pick one up.

Photos and video via Mando