Ecocapsule is the tiny home on wheels for adventurers

So rad the Ecocapsule is ready to drop in.

Self-contained with a dual-capacity power source and totally mobile, the Ecocapsule micro-house should make it to American shores in early 2016. Photo: Courtesy of Ecocapsule

Tiny houses are cool. One way to make them cooler? Make ’em mobile. Dubbed "the first truly independent micro-home," the Ecocapsule is small in stature (less than 100 square feet), eminently itinerant and so futuristically beautiful that it should be an Apple product. (The iTrailer?)

Egg on the snow.

Well insulated, the Ecocapsule is suitable for cold climes. Photo: Courtesy of Ecocapsule

Built by a company based in Bratislava, Slovakia, the Ecocapsule is powered entirely by the sun and the wind, making it capable of off-the-grid living. It's even light enough to be pulled by an electric car and has enough juice to charge the four-wheeler. Talk about symbEotic.

Designed by Nice Architects, there’s more tech than you can shake an iPhone 6 at: membrane water filters installed in its upper surface remove bacteria from rainwater before funneling it to a designated tank beneath the floor. The walls are padded with high-performance thermal insulation, helping to reduce energy requirements and maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. And there’s a proper toilet for folks who don’t want to poop where they play (outside).

Ecocapsule interior.

Even inside, the Ecocapsule is clean and futuristic. Photo: Courtesy of Ecocapsule

Since it’s so small, some of your outdoor toys might have to live in or on your vehicle. And if you’re looking for a new horse to pull your chariot of the future, we have three suggestions: If you want to go luxury, but stay green, we suggest the new Volvo XC90 T8. Or, for about $20k, go for this ripping new Honda. Or keep it free range -- the Ecocapsule can be "pulled by a pack animal,” the creators say.

How small is it? The egg-shaped space is 14.6 feet in length, 7.9 feet in width and about 8.2 feet tall. (So about the size of a $2,000 studio in Manhattan.) Total usable floor space is 86 square feet and the micro-home includes a folding bed, shower and flushable toilet, two operable windows, a working/dining area and a built-in kitchenette with running water.

Ecocapsule blueprint.

The layout of the Ecocapsule. Photo: Courtesy of Ecocapsule

It should fit two adults if they’re on good terms.

Power-wise, the integrated 750W wind turbine (on a retractable pole) and a 2.6-square-meter array of high-efficiency solar cells (600W output) powers a high-capacity battery (9,744Wh capacity). In layperson-speak, that’s enough juice to get you through plenty of cloudy and windless days.

Raining outside? Silver-lining alert: That precip is your water supply. And the rounded shell of the Ecocapsule is optimized for rainwater collection.

Starry night.

"Off the grid" often translates to better night viewing than the latest from Netflix. Photo: Courtesy of Ecocapsule

The Ecocapsule doesn't have a price tag yet, but the company will be taking pre-orders by the end of the year and plans to start delivering Ecocapsules in early 2016. The Ecocapsule fits in a standard shipping container (aka the OG tiny house), and shipping from the factory in Slovakia will be $2,400 to New York.

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