Fall and rise of snowboarder Kevin Pearce chronicled in documentary


This week Kevin Pearce tweeted this Instagram photo of his first double.

Kevin Pearce, a snowboarding talent who rivaled Shaun White, was expected to make the U.S. Olympic team in 2010 when a training accident in Park City, Utah, changed his life forever. Attempting a double backflip with a twist—aka a cab double cork—Pearce caught an edge and slammed his face into the wall of the halfpipe on Dec. 31, 2009.

He broke his left eye socket and a suffered traumatic brain injury that he continues to deal with today, as documented in a story appearing in the July issue of Men's Journal.

"My life was so set, like concrete," he told Men's Journal. "And then it flipped upside-down."

"The Crash Reel: The Fall and Rise of Snowboarder Kevin Pearce" is an HBO documentary that chronicles the struggles Pearce faced—and is still facing—while trying to put his life back together. It will make its debut on HBO on July 15, though it has been appearing at numerous film festivals for a few months. A clip from the documentary can be seen here:

Pearce has since returned to the slopes, Men's Journal reports, but the days of pulling off cab double corks are long gone.

"Knowing how fragile my brain is, it's not worth it," he said.

the crash reel cover photo