FODT x MFM present “Familia 2”

I honestly thought I was sick of snowboard teasers. Really and truly would throw myself out a window if I had to watch another one. Leave it to me to be completely wrong.

Finger on Da Trigga
and Marc Frank Montoya were the ones to prove me wrong. They just dropped the teaser for “Familia 2”, the hammer dropping sequel to their first “Familia” video and it got me excited for snowboard premiere season all over again.

Prime cinematography, creative riding, and natural bad asses – “Familia 2” will get your blood pumping and legs itching to get out there and shred. That’s all you can really hope for in a legit shred video anyway.

Featuring Lucas Magoon, Dylan Thompson, Marc Frank Montoya, Andrew Brewer, Jake Devine, Johnnie Paxson, Derek Dennison, Jonah Owen, and more.

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