Follow climber Alex Honnold in this 360 virtual reality climb of the Needles

The advancing world of cinematic technology is forever shaping our society. And our own coveted outdoors-focused world is not immune to that.

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The 360 virtual reality videos are becoming more and more apparent throughout all walks of life. Jaunt and Camp4Collective have teamed up to produce a four-part series of these videos entitled “Home Turf” where they follow an outdoors athlete around in their home turf, immersing the viewer in total 360-degree views like never before seen.

Alex Honnold wasn't lying about that 360-degrees of mountains.

Alex Honnold wasn’t lying about that 360-degrees of mountains.

One of the world’s top free solo climbers Alex Honnold is first up for the project, and he takes viewers climbing the Needles in Southern California for a vertigo-inducing trek. As Honnold says in the video, “I’ve always found the Needles disorienting, too. It’s just mountains all around you, 360-degrees.”

Seems like a good place to start then. Make sure to use the hand to look up, down and all around as Honnold does his thing. Slotted to follow him are mountain biker Cam Zink, kayaker Galen Volckhausen and slackliner Andy Lewis. Stay tuned for more and hit up the Home Turf mini site to get more details.

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