Get friendly at the Frendly Gathering music festival

When your passions are music and snowboarding, and you’ve hit the top of your professional career (like the Olympics), what’s next? Creating your very own music festival of course!

Professional snowboarders turned event gurus, Jack Mitrani and Danny Davis, are celebrating the fifth year of their annual Frendly Gathering, set for June 26 to 27 at Timber Ridge Resort in Vermont. And they’re commemorating the occasion with a seven-part video series in partnership with Skype.

“Following Friendly” follows the boarders as they rewrite the rules for creating their own version of Woodstock in the wild lands of Vermont.

Beyond celebrating music, these guys have created a multiple-day event for attendees or “frends” to experience the good vibes and smiles that come from a purely epic love for other people. While the festival spans two days, frends are invited to arrive a day early and stay day longer.

Native Vermonters themselves, both Davis and Mitrani compare the venue to their own backyard and welcome anyone willing to join them in the fun.

“At the Friendly Gathering, life is better when lived together.”

Check out this year’s Frendly Gathering lineup.

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