Google releases top search items of 2015, includes “Where is Yosemite?”

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In a result that’s slightly disappointing for our knowledge of geography, one of the top Google searches of 2015 wanted to know, “Where is Yosemite?” Photo: Lisa Peterson

On Wednesday, Google released its top Google Trends of 2015 — a list of the 10 most searched topics in more than 40 categories. And while some of the top searches were rather unfortunate to see (looking at you, Bud Light Mixxtail and Kim Kardashian), others touched on some of the biggest stories of the year in fitness, travel and natural events that shaped the action sports world.

Natural Events

Hurricane Patricia Makes Landfall

A satellite view of Hurricane Patricia, the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Western Hemisphere. Photo: NOAA

The mind-blowing ferocity of Hurricane Patricia was the most searched item in the category of “natural events.”

And while Hurricane Patricia ultimately came and went without causing any major damage, more tragic events like the earthquakes in Nepal and Chile claimed the fifth and eighth spot, respectively.

Fitness and Dieting


While the jury is still out on what the top yoga trend of 2016 will be, AcroYoga seems like a solid pick. Photo: Amy Goalen Photography

On a more chipper note, people in 2015 were again obsessed with fitness and dieting.

Yoga dominated the exercise searches, with four of the top 10 searches being devoted to everything from yoga with kids to Asana yoga.

As for an early contender for the top yoga tend of 2016? AcroYoga seems like a safe bet.

When it comes to dieting, people again looked for a magic bullet to solve their issues, with the 20/20 diet and Paleo diet grabbing the top two search results in the category. Ultimately, people might be suffering from a bit of Orthorexia (an obsession with healthy eating), especially when you consider that the top female skier in the world likes to indulge on banana bread and bacon.


Humpback whale breaches onto kayakers in Monterey Bay

While the California coastline is pristine for whale watching, remember, don’t get too close.

In 2015, people were interested in getting outdoors.

The fourth most searched item was when the best time was to go whale watching in San Diego (it’s January through April), while the eighth most searched item asked was what there is to do in Missoula, Montana (we suggest river surfing).

And bookending the top 10 travel Google Trends, was a question posed by the geographically challenged, who wanted to know where Yosemite National Park is located. For those of you who don’t know, it’s in California and presents a plethora of great options for the active traveler. Just don’t try to hike Half Dome hungover.

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