How your outdoorsy partner really wants to spend Valentine’s Day

Ah, Valentines Day. Simultaneously loved and despised, it’s a polarizing day that either has you running for the hills, or stocking up on heart-shaped candy.

It’s okay if you’re not into the candy heart thing; we aren’t either. Photo: Pexels

We may not condone the materialistic culture that has been constructed around V-Day, but we can’t help but give in to the lovey dovey vibes, especially when we’re involved with someone.

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If you’re anything like our crew, every holiday is an opportunity to escape the shackles of everyday life.

We look forward to this Valentine’s Day as a chance to hit the road with our main squeeze, and see what the great wide world holds for us.

If you haven’t thought of any spectacular options for how to get after it with your honey, no worries: these five ideas are an excellent place to start.

Go Skydiving

This is definitely an experience you’ll want to share. Photo: Filipe Dos Santos Mendes/Unsplash

There’s nothing like an adrenaline rush and and the slight chance of being squished onto the ground to get your heart racing.

Skydive with your loved one this Valentine’s Day – you’ll find out how each of you handles extreme stress, something crucial for a successful relationship.

Ride bikes around your favorite part of town

Finding hidden gems around town is easier when you’re on 2 wheels. Photo: David Marcu/Unsplash

If you can’t escape for a full-on getaway, break out your bikes, and ride around your favorite part of town.

Maybe it’s a ride to the beach you first met at, or your favorite dinner spot. Whatever the destination, riding with your sweetheart is a great way to bond (and get those miles in).

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have an outdoor snow day

A snow day is the perfect excuse to keep each other warm. Photo: Hernan Sanchez/Unsplash

When most people think of snow days, they picture staying trapped inside, sitting next to a fire.

If you live in a snowy area this Valentine’s Day, flip the script on the traditional snow day, and fill your time together with snow-based activities. Get in a snowball fight, go sledding, make a snowman, or hit your local ski resort.

Playing in the snow will make you feel like a kid again, and rejuvenate your imagination.

Ride dirtbikes in the desert

Nothing screams romance like snakes, scorpions, prickly cactus, and miles and miles of sand. Seriously though, deserts are breathtaking, and nothing is more fun than riding up and down endless sand dunes.

February is the perfect month to visit the desert, and if privacy is what you’re looking for this Valentine’s Day, you’ll most definitely find it here. Bring your bikes, a tent, and some s’mores supplies … and you’re good to go.

Try out a new outdoor activity together

Sometimes a simple hike is the best way to connect. Photo: Roger Keller/Unsplash

Maybe it’s mountain biking, ice fishing, or that epic hike in your town you’ve never done before. Find an activity you and your partner have never done together, and give it a go.

Not every adventure has to be a huge production; sometimes it’s the simplest things that provide the most joy. Learning together is growing together.