Iceland scenery like you’ve never seen before—through eyes of a juggler

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Brad French spent four days circumnavigating Iceland and shooting footage of the popular destinations along the 832-mile Ring Road of Iceland. The resulting video could very well be used by the tourist bureau to promote the Nordic island country. But the video has a very unique twist. The scenery is seen through the eyes of the professional juggler—as he is juggling.

Watch as French, aka That Juggling Guy, who has performed worldwide, turns tour guide in a video entitled “Juggling Around Iceland,” currently going viral around the Internet via Reddit and other outlets:

One commenter from Iceland wrote on Reddit, "Of all the videos I've seen of my country, professional and amateur, this is by FAR the most fun, beautiful, and creative I've ever seen! I love it!"

French responded by saying "I can't get over how beautiful your country is. I'm already counting down the days until I can get back."

French shot the video on a recent seven-day stopover in Iceland as part of a trip to Europe. His plan was simple enough.

Route1, aka ring road of iceland wikimedia commons

Route 1, aka the Ring Road of Iceland. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

"I basically got a map in Reykjavik and asked a bunch of locals where to go," he explained on Reddit. "My map was covered in circles before I headed out. Same one in the video."

Most of the footage was captured from a chest-mounted camera, though one part was filmed with the camera on his head. Also, there was one casualty. One juggling ball was dropped down a steep ravine. That part didn't make the video.

With the video becoming a viral sensation, French is already contemplating his next one.

"I'm in Hawaii this week and the juggling balls are tempting me," he wrote. "I'm about to do shark cage diving today, so I'm wondering if they'll let me juggle fish heads underwater or something. Might be the last video I ever make, but what a way to go out."

Hat tip to PetaPixel.