Innersection Premieres

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Surf-smut-peddler Taylor Steele gave the surf world a good shake last year, debuting his new concept/contest/video INNERSECTION. A user-generated video part contest that attracted everyone from Kelly Slater to that kid down the street that just learned chop-hops.

Matt Meola took the winning section and the $100k first prize last year.

While there were some kinks to work out, as well as some dissent among the ranks of surfers and filmers alike, the journey was an exciting one.

Unlike surf films to date, with INNERSECTION the end product isn’t really the focus, as much as the road to get there is. The final movie is somewhat anti-climactic, as all clips have already been seen in the rounds leading up to it, and who wants to pay for a movie you’ve seen the separate scenes to?

Regardless, the surfing action that this process distills, is mind-blowing. Here is the trailer for this year’s movie, along with the premiere dates on the flyer thing.