Insight’s Rad Dan art installation premieres

Insight clothing’s latest art installation, which included visuals by the ever-weird Rad Dan, recently premiered at their Venice Beach, California, store. Below is a video account of the event, and you can find photos by “Rony” of the shindig over here.

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The man of the hour, Rad Dan himself, had a couple words for us as well:

Well I’m writing a write-up on my art show?

WELL IT WAS BITCHIN’ AND IF YOU DIDN’T MAKE IT, don’t cry ’cause I will describe it as best as possible.

People arrived. People drank PBR. People drank Peligroso Tequila. People drank Honest Tea. People watched bands. People looked at paintings. People got sweaty–people got real sweaty. People drank more PBR, and before we knew it, we were butting arms with sweaty beer-filled people who could not walk straight but knew how to have fun.

Le Blorr blasted everyone’s ears, Smiles Davis kept everyone dancing, and the Kharmer Boyz Cypher wrapped up with plenty more beats and sweatiness. Big thanks to Rony’s Photobooth for capturing the madness, click on over to their site for more stills from the night.

The show will still be going ’til Nov. 1, so drop on by.