Introducing the 2011″MOSCARS”

Each year the cream of the crop of mustache filmmakers submit their Mo clips to the prestigious Moscars video awards extravaganza. For some people they’ve grown up with only one goal in mind, to win a Moscar!

Unlike the Oscars when a committee of old people out of touch with society select winners from a criteria no one understands, the Moscars are pretty straight forward. There are two categories for submission – Best Movember Video and Best Movember Music video. Three Moscars will be awarded for each category.

Video must be five minutes or shorter. They must be uploaded to YouTube and submitted to the competition via The Moscars page. Winners will be determined by an expert panel of judges, including Ryan Gosling, Malin Akerman, Drew Dowdle, John Erick Dowdle, and Derek Waters. The judges will be looking for: originality, creativity, emotion (eg funny, shocking, touching), capturing the nature of Movember, cinematography, direction, best use of music.

For complete list of rules and details for the Moscars check out the official page.

To help motivate fellow Mo Bros and Mo Sistas we’ve searched through the current submissions to find who we feel are among those videos leading the pack.

Best Movember Video Nominees

Best Movember Music Video Nominees

Points of view. #hancock

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