Is this the best short surf movie ever made?

When you spend days wading in through the river of boilerplate surf videos the true gems are sometimes hard to spot. But then something comes along that truly moves you, and your creative faith is restored. Such is the case with DARK SIDE OF THE LENS, a short film shot by Ireland’s Mickey Smith that — I would argue — is a contender for the best short surf film ever made.

Yes, that’s a bold call, and sure we can debate it until the end of time, but the point is this is a breathtaking piece of work that is an absolute must see.

Smith was given a 4000 British pound grant to make a short film. The grant was given to him by Relentless energy as part of their short film competition, where they have four young action sports filmmakers compete to make the best short. Mickey wrote, directed and shot much of the footage, as well as the music. The result is a six minute journey along Ireland’s west coast, an intimidating fortress of sheer cliffs and brutal seas, shot through the perspective of Mickey as a filmmaker. So its a film about a filmer. The narration is well done, as is the music. This is the first entry in the contest, so we shall see if anyone can outdo Mickey on this, but topping a film like that would take a lot. My jaw is still on the floor.