Jensen In Foggy Ol’ London Town

Nick Jensen is a stylie British skateboarder who quietly kills it on the not-so-skate-friendly old streets of London. He had a part in my favorite skate video of the year,”Make Friends With The Color Blue,” put out by his deck sponsor Blueprint skateboards. It’s a British brand and hasn’t really made its mark in the US like Flip, but they’re for sure legit.

Good skateboarders + good filming and editing = a good skateboard company. The video just really appeals to the senses. Visually appealing with it’s European settings, and amazing on the audio senses with its creativity inspiring soundtrack. And Jensen’s style oozing skateboarding fits perfect

Lakai, Jensen’s shoe sponsor, felt it was necessary to keep the creation coming with some more footage of the Londoner. And if there is one skate brand that can make an internet short, that highlights the uniqueness of a skateboarder it’s Lakai. Hell, there internet pollution rivals a lot of other skate brands video releases.

So check out another installment of Nick Jensen brought to you by Lakai:

Nnsen brought to you by Lakai: