Keith Haring and Obey debut pop art collaboration

There are several iconic brands whose names conjure up their gritty, tenacious, and highly creative founders: Nike, Apple, Oakley, Coca-Cola. Obey Clothing neatly falls into said category as perhaps a lesser known, but not under-gunned apparel outfitter, with Shepard Fairey at its helm. His is a creative force to reckon with. His dialog within the social movement has had a longstanding presence, a narrative that he shares with another graffiti-inspired artist whose name you may not know, but whose art has been rediscovered time and again in the decades since its creation. That man is Keith Haring. Obey was given access to Haring’s archives and wisely included some of his lesser-known pieces. The collection is available in both men’s and women’s styles, offering us the opportunity to become a walking billboard for his art. Now that seems fitting.
–Crishana Haynes