Kelly Slater drops a single

Kelly Slater drops a single

Kelly Slater drops a single; frame grab from video

“Geez, is there anything this guy can't do well?” That was my first thought after listening to the just-released “Feelin' the Feelings” number by 11-time ASP world champion Kelly Slater. While surfing crooners Donavon Frankenreiter and Jack Johnson have had tons of success in the music industry, Kelly Slater has had a fairly unremarkable foray into the biz. You may recall (or not) Slater's first time dipping his toes into music; he and Rob Machado joined Peter King in a band called “The Surfers” for a short-lived moment before coming to their senses and getting back to what they do best.

But this time around things are different. Slater is joined by world-renowned Brazilian musician Karina Zeviani, who joins in toward the end of the ditty. And while Slater no doubt leads a blessed life, the lyrics are far from a cheerful song you'd hear around a campfire. "I'm down on my luck again, and oh what a fool I've been," is just a snippet of the moody number. While I doubt Slater will be winning a Grammy for his tune, you gotta admit it's a catchy little number that is easy on the ears.

This release begs the question, “What can’t he do?” Somewhere out there a Brazilian surf fan is furiously typing “Beat Gabriel Medina!"

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