Ken Block hits L.A. streets in ‘Gymkhana 7’

Ken Block

Ken Block went a little too far in the L.A. River while shooting 'Gymkhana 7.' Photo is a screen grab from the video

After nearly a year of planning and five full days of shooting (mostly on weekend mornings) using eight movie cameras, a helicopter, up to 50 GoPro cameras and a crew of 80, "Gymkhana 7: Wild in the Streets of Los Angeles" has hit the Internet.

It's the latest video by stunt driver Ken Block, who this time takes over the streets of Los Angeles, where he burns rubber doing donuts around a police car, trash barrel, and Randy's Donuts, an iconic locale in the Greater Los Angeles Area. We see Block maneuver under the chassis of a low-rider car bouncing on its pneumatic shocks, and we see him race up and down the freeways, where in one scene he passes three police cars pursuing a white SUV—a familiar L.A. chase scene.

We also see Block dip the tires of his all-wheel-drive, 845-horse-power, V-8 Ford Mustang in the L.A. River, a maneuver he told the Los Angeles Times that he went "a little farther than I intended."

"Because I'm from Southern California, and I love L.A., I had certain ideas about shooting in certain areas,” Block told the Times. “It turns out, if you work with the permitting people, and the police, you can get major things done.”

Apparently so. The making of this $1-million-plus video appears to be a logistical nightmare, but Ken Block & Company pulled it off. Again.

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