Kiteboarders show true colors in new video

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Kiteboarding company Ride Clash decided that their awe-inspiring sport needed a little more visual awesomeness, so they released a jaw-dropping and pigment-inspired video titled “Stars Shine Together.” The video features a handful of riders performing amazing aerial maneuvers in exotic places around the world. With Ride Clash founders Alvaro Onieva and Forest Bakker providing much of the footage and creative direction, the short edit has a rider’s touch in addition to its cinematic appeal, highlighting the camaraderie of the rather niche sport (the company also has a third founder, Petr Tyushkevich, who is not directly involved in the project).

Beyond the athleticism of the sport, the directorial duo focuses on the surrounding environment and how kiteboarding has opened its riders up to incredible locales around the world, turning this highlight reel into a travel documentary of sorts. It’s hard not to get inspired by the footage and the raw technical ability of these athletes, and even harder given the places they ride. Still, if I hear Justice’s “Phantom Pt. II” in one more action sports edit, I might have to write someone a strongly worded letter.