La Creme

French lensman Nicolas Dazet, who you may recall from this gorgeous clip he did for Dane Reynolds a while back, just recently completed another project.

This time he follows young aussies Jack Freestone, Ryan Callinan, and Brent Savage, as they embark on their first European Vacation through Nicolas’ home country of France. Great edit, very French, in an amusingly stereotypical sort of way.

Some incredible surfing by all, but do yourself a favor and watch the air that Callinan does at the 6:08 mark. Some sort of backside mctwist type of air-reverse. Similar to the maneuver that landed him the Surfing Magazine cover a few months back, this kid throws torque into his backside rotations like no other.

Apparently Callinan has since been laid up with a leg injury, so it may be a bit before we see just how far he can push his backside finners.