Make like a gazelle in the Adidas Adipure Crazyquick shoes

Photo by Johnie Gall

Photo by Johnie Gall

I prefer trail running over road running for a plethora of reasons, including "I enjoy catching my breath in the middle of the woods where spandex-clad moms can't see me" and "I like dirt." A more founded reason? I prefer trail running shoes—they look and feel better on my feet, and their extra ankle support makes for a less accident-filled run. And when the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation estimates that nearly 70 percent of runners develop an injury, that's all the assurance I need.

Still, there are days when running on paved surfaces is just unavoidable. So when Adidas offered to let me test out their Adipure Crazyquick shoes, I took to the road. Touted as offering a lightweight and supportive shoe made with a technical upper body for a seamless fit and a midsole that mimics the foot's natural movement, here's my honest opinion on the shoe after a few weeks in them:

Photo by Johnie Gall

Photo by Johnie Gall

What I loved

Seamless construction—The entire upper body of the shoe literally feels like a sock. It's extremely soft and flexible and looks sleek when I'm running.

Airy mesh lining—My feet sweat. A lot. And for the first time in a running shoe, they were able to breathe comfortably.

Midsole and outsole performance—The sole of the shoes looks chunky and like it might be over-padded. But when I started running, it felt like the optimum amount of sole support and joint protection from the hard surface I was running on.

Lightweight feel—I like to call these my gazelle shoes because they feel almost weightless while I'm running, making them the ideal travel sneaker.

What I missed

Ankle support—I'm all for building stronger ankles, but sturdier ankle support is something I'll always personally prefer in a trail running shoe.

Smaller toebox— My toes had ample wiggle room…a little too much for my style. Order down a half size to prevent this or, better yet, try these sneakers on in-store.


The verdict

These are, by far, the best road running shoes I've tried yet. The soft, seamless and lightweight fit felt like a second skin, their lightweight construction makes them perfect for travel and sprinting, and the light padding helped ease knee pain. I say buy them if you're a part-time pavement pounder like me. MSRP $100,

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