Meet Element Eden’s homegrown Colorado stunner

All photos courtesy of Alexandra Swanson

All photos courtesy of Alexandra Swanson

There are a few things about Alexandra Swanson, Element Eden's marketing manager, that strike you right off the bat: she's gorgeous, she stands about a foot taller than everyone else in the room, and she's endlessly enthusiastic about anything and everything, which can only be a byproduct of growing up in a high-altitude, high-adrenaline-loving community in Colorado. From Southern California tradeshows to the foothills of the Rockies, there's no adventure too great or too small for Swanson.

My name is Al and I live in San Clemente, California. I'm originally from a little mountain town in Colorado where I grew up learning how to ride, rip, hike, bike, smell fresh air, climb trees, build tree houses, boulder rocks, cliff jump, roll in the snow in my swimmers, build a fire (no lighter fluid allowed), pee in the woods, wear a dress, paint my nails, cross my legs, and be a lady.

I admire people who are real and love selflessly.


When I have the weekend off from working, I usually spend it outside. My favorite place to spend time outdoors is anywhere, because life is beautiful.

My favorite outdoor activities are everything I learned as a homegrown Colorado native. My gear of choice is cheap and resourceful. I don't make the green, I just experience it.

The most amazing place I've ever traveled is my backyard, where I was surrounded by people who loved, laughed, danced, and shared the secret of living fearlessly and generously.


One luxury item I always have with me is perfume; Victoria's Secret has my hands tied with every scent of body spray they make.

To take care of my skin, I love sunscreen and lotion. When my hair is in rough shape thanks to being outdoors all of the time, I use purple shampoo (I'm an ashy blonde addict).

One thing I'd love to learn how to do is a headstand on my long board while riding a wave because it's beautiful, graceful, and insanely badass.

The most challenging outdoor activity I've tried is surfing. Having been snowboarding for 17 years of my life, I figured it'd be a cinch learning to surf when I moved ocean-bound at age 23. Nope, not at all.


My weekly workout schedule looks something like this: I don't stop moving.

The next item I have the chance of crossing off my bucket list is getting that freaking headstand nailed (so far from it!).

My favorite piece of advice for living a healthy lifestyle is to smile. The words of wisdom I live by are "Ya, well…" from one of my Popa's favorite movies, “Cool Hand Luke,” starring Paul Newman. It's basically a shrug of the shoulders to remind yourself things aren't always easy and they won't always go your way, so make the best of each situation and enjoy the ride.

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